PVC sheet advantages of the following aspects

2016-08-04 08:46:24

 PVC sheet advantages of the following aspects:

1.pvc plate light quality, insulation, thermal insulation, moisture-proof, flame retardant, acid, corrosion-resistant.

2.pvc sheet stability, good dielectric properties, durable, anti-aging, and easy welding and bonding.

3.pvc plate surface smooth, bright color, highly decorative, decorative surface wider application.

4. by kneading, mixing, pull-tab, pelletizing, extrusion or casting and other molding processes pvc sheet easily can meet the needs of various profiles specifications.

5. The construction process is simple, relatively easy to install.

6.pvc plate bending strength and impact toughness, high elongation at break. pvc sheet is widely used in chemical industry, environmental protection, electroplating, electronics, food, decoration and pharmaceutical industries, such as chemical production and installation of plastic containers, anti-corrosion equipment manufacturing, water treatment works.

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