Benefits pvc foam board

2016-08-04 08:48:34

Life in many industries and the development of high density pvc are inseparable, and sometimes some obscure factors that can lead to large gaps, such as foam board mentioned before, today we have to look at "pvc benefits of pvc foam board crust plate usefulness. "

Benefits pvc foam board pvc foam board manufacturers of pvc crust plate usefulness

PVC reason can be widely used in building materials industry, Hebei foam board manufacturers to analyze two very important reason,

First, the unique properties of PVC (rain, fire-resistant, anti-static, easy to shape), pvc foam board primarily through direct action by stirring rolling machine, roller rotation and high temperature rolling to produce the film, and production at the same through the press in front of the film printed on color, by back coating machine in the back of the membrane attached to a layer of back coating. Do not underestimate this layer back coating, it is important to ensure a high-quality PVC film properties. Back coating made of special materials, is a high-energy affinity agent, precisely because of this layer back coating, PVC film can close tightly and the board or other sheet material together, ten or even fifteen years not a plastic.

Second, the characteristics of PVC low-input high-yield. PVC film production process is quite simple, machine production is also great, so comprehensive look pvc, pvc foam board benefits of PVC is actually a low input, high yield products.

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